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An Englishman living in Papar, Sabah on the island of Borneo, Malaysia with a gorgeous wife and two lovely children. My passion is fishing, like you couldn't already tell! Ask me anything about it..i'm at your service.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys! I'm Martin Wiles and this is my blog about my fishing escapades mainly around the Bornean waters surrounding beautiful Sabah where I live.

I have a website on fishing charters and expeditions www.borneoangling.com which you are more then welcome to visit. Now that I've set that up, I figured it's high time I started recording my trips here for general reference.

Last week 9 - 11 March 2010, I went out for a 3D/2N out past Mantanani area on a local boat. There were about 10 anglers, and I caught a 10kg wahoo trolling as shown in this pic. Paul, my customer caught a 6kg wahoo, also while trolling. Both were caught on a CD Countdown 18 Redhead Rapala lure running perfectly at about 9 knots.

Weather conditions were occasionally bumpy but overall good, nice and breezy with beautiful skies. Overall I personally brought up more than 50 reef fish of various sizes which is an ok but not brilliant catch for a 3 day stint. Consisted most of yellow spot rock cod, brown line snapper, jobfish, big eye scad and some others. Bait used were generally the local fish 'basong' (tiny species of mackerel), 'sotong' (squid) and small tuna. Total weight of fish caught on the boat that trip was probably 250 to 300 kgs, no one knows for sure.

Anyway, will fill you in with more tales from the sea (or ponds.. or rivers.. or beaches) as and when it happens. Tight lines, everyone!